Can’t let relations break as it’s my Govt, says Saxena

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Can’t let relations break as it’s my Govt, says Saxena

Saturday, 18 March 2023 | Staff Reporter | New Delhi

Amid an ongoing tussle with the AAP government, Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena on Friday said that the dignity of speech has been shattered in the last few days but asserted that the relationships between the two can't break down as it is his own government.

While exiting the Delhi Assembly, following his maiden address on the first day of the Budget Session, he was asked by reporters about the sour relations between him and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who was accompanying him at the time.

"See, there is no doubt that in the last few days, some limits that exist in speech have been shattered. But I would like to say one thing. A tree has said a very beautiful line for the wind — It makes my leaves fall every day, but still my relations do not break with it. This is our government, how can relations break," he told reporters. His remarks came amid a war of words between the city government and his office over a range of issues, including sending teachers of state-run schools to Finland for training.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, responding to Saxena's remark, said he understands that these are minor issues, but democracy should be respected."If two crore people have elected a government, it should be allowed to work. If you don't let it work, and put obstacles in its way, then it's not right," he said. 

Kejriwal called the BJP's interference during the Lieutenant Governor's speech a violation of the decorum of the house.

"It's, in a way, contempt of the House. A resolution has been passed by the whole house that this matter be sent to the appropriate committee that such disturbance shouldn't have happened during the LG's speech," he added.

The AAP had accused the LG of "interfering" with the functioning of the Delhi government and alleged that he was "obstructing" the trip of some Delhi teachers to Finland for training. The AAP said the Delhi government had to sent the proposal for LG Saxena's approval several times.

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