Claude Arpi


Born in France, Claude Arpi is now settled in India. He is the author of several books on Tibet, China and India and a regularly contributor on Indo-French relations.

The curious case of Demchok

Thursday, 16 Aug 2018 | Claude Arpi | in Edit

Of course, the Chinese intrusions into Indian territory are not innocent. Solutions are there which lie in the re-opening of the Demchok route. But is China ready to do this? Despite the Wuhan consensus (or ‘Wuhan spirit’) arrived at after the one-on-one meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi...

All is not well in the Middle Kingdom

Thursday, 02 Aug 2018 | Claude Arpi | in Edit

Authorities in China have forgotten to provide a translation of the ‘friendship pillar’ which reads: Tibetans to be happy in the land of Tibet and Chinese in the land of China In 821 AD, Tibet’s great emperor, Tritsuk Detsen and his Chinese counterpart entered into an agreement “seeking in...

China attempting to square the circle

Thursday, 19 Jul 2018 | Claude Arpi | in Edit

Jinping’s desire to make China a global power may land him in trouble as the Communist Party can’t rule without creating resentment. This will bring China to a dead-end China is a big country, a powerful state, but a nervous nation. Beijing is today able to rule far beyond its...

An Empire and its nervous periphery

Thursday, 05 Jul 2018 | Claude Arpi | in Edit

China has been expanding its boundaries to fulfil its dream of becoming the world’s most powerful nation. But the picture is not rosy. Resentment among the best of China’s friends is growing Since the new Emperor sat on the throne in Beijing in 2012, the Middle Kingdom has steadily extended its...

Recalling the great China-Russia friendship

Thursday, 21 Jun 2018 | Claude Arpi | in Edit

Openness in China-Russia relations is valuable. The comprehensive strategic partnership suggests that both support each other back-to-back but maintain a positive attitude in developing relations with others, including the West Information coming from Xinjiang, Western China’s restive Muslim province is rather depressing. Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported that the authorities in...

India and the Shangri-La Dialogue

Thursday, 07 Jun 2018 | Claude Arpi | in Edit

The Modi Government has time and again showed adherence to the rules-based order in international forums. What Modi said at the Dialogue was the reiteration of this principle without directly pointing a finger at China Shangri-La is usually associated with a place in the Himalaya immortalised by James Hilton in his...

Preparing for China’s information warfare

Thursday, 24 May 2018 | Claude Arpi | in Edit

As Beijing intensifies the implementation of military/civilian doctrine, particularly media manipulation, India must stand prepared. Information will be an important part of any battle of tomorrow In 2003, China’s Central Military Commission approved the concept of ‘Three Warfares’, namely: (1) the coordinated use of strategic psychological operations; (2) overt and covert...

Importance of Sikkim as a border State

Thursday, 10 May 2018 | Claude Arpi | in Edit

The Himalayan people may not represent a large or politically influential section of the population, but India’s security depends on them. It is, therefore, essential to empower local residents Sikkim is a special State and this for many reasons. First, Denjong or the Valley of Rice, as Sikkim is traditionally known,...

The fate of a visionary diplomat

Thursday, 26 Apr 2018 | Claude Arpi | in Edit

Had Nehru followed the advice of Sumul Sinha, the Indian official who had warned him about the intentions of communist China, the destiny of the nation could have been different One does not often pay homage to unknown diplomats: Had their advice been followed, the destiny of the nation could, perhaps,...

China’s craving for mad old dreams

Thursday, 12 Apr 2018 | Claude Arpi | in Edit

Chinese scientists continue to work on grandiose dam projects which are bound to do more harm than good. But these megaprojects may not quench the locals' thirst for freedom China is thirsty. What can the Middle Kingdom do to quench its thirst? Simple, have said the Chinese experts for decades, divert...


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