Sandhya Jain

Sandhya Jain


Sandhya Jain is a political analyst and independent researcher. She is the author of ‘Adi Deo Arya Devata- A Panoramic View of Tribal-Hindu Cultural Interface’ (Rupa & Co., 2004) and ‘Evangelical Intrusions. Tripura: A Case Study’ (Rupa & Co., 2009). 

A new lurking danger

A new lurking danger

Tuesday, 21 January 2020 | Sandhya Jain

The three-day Ijtema organised by the Tablighi Jamaat last year points towards a larger trend of home-grown radicalism within the country. Radicalisation of the vulnerable must end Few would have missed the videos of children (under 10 years of age) chanting azadi and abusing the Prime Minister and Home Minister for...

Human rights graveyard

Tuesday, 01 October 2019 | Sandhya Jain

The Pakistan Army has enjoyed too much impunity for ostensibly serving Western strategic interests. But now, it is apparent that it cannot provide Washington with a safe Afghan exit Gulalai Ismail, activist for women’s empowerment and Pashtun human rights, escaped to the US in September after four months in hiding after...

Perils of GM farming

Tuesday, 17 September 2019 | Sandhya Jain

Global agricultural firms have been spreading the myth that GMOs are needed to feed India when actually, the country needs agro-ecological systems to preserve its biodiversity Seventeen scientists, who consistently advocated Genetically Modified (GM) crops in India, are anxious to revive GMs despite the Centre’s growing emphasis on organic farming and...

Narrowing window

Tuesday, 03 September 2019 | Sandhya Jain

The world can no longer afford the luxury of climate change denial. Global temperatures cannot be controlled unless we change the way we produce food and manage our lands On August 1, 2019, tonnes of melting water formed on an ice sheet in western Greenland and drained into a moulin —...

Pak in a pincer attack

Tuesday, 20 August 2019 | Sandhya Jain

With the economy sinking and a failed bid at the UNSC, Islamabad is in no position to declare war or embrace peace. It will do well to focus on its internal problems A fortnight after the Modi Government defanged Article 370, scrapped its illegal appendage, Article 35A and split the northern...

Who defines intolerance?

Tuesday, 06 August 2019 | Sandhya Jain

The narrative built by the conscience keepers of the nation, who complain about the threat to freedom of speech, is just another attempt to shape public discourse in India Former Mumbai Police Commissioner and Director-General of Police, Gujarat and Punjab, Julio Ribeiro, recently expressed unhappiness with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)...

Caught in a limbo

Tuesday, 23 July 2019 | Sandhya Jain

In all matters of substance, the ICJ ruled in favour of India. As much as it brought relief, concerns regarding Jadhav’s release remain as the ball is now in Pak’s court Faced with the near unanimous verdict of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) (15:1) on the imprisonment of India’s former...

Food safety concerns

Tuesday, 09 July 2019 | Sandhya Jain

India faces grave dangers as unprecedented levels of GM genes have been found in our foods. The time for labelling GMOs is over; Governments must simply ban them In Rottenseed! Cottonseed, Alzheimer’s and Your Brain, nutritionist Bruce Semon traces the rise of Alzheimer’s to a toxin in cottonseed that goes to...

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