Swapan Dasgupta

Swapan Dasgupta

Everyone whistling in dark on Covid

Everyone whistling in dark on Covid

Sunday, 20 September 2020 | Swapan Dasgupta

Looking at two different parts of the world, it is sometimes difficult to believe that the whole world is engaged in a relentless but common battle against a deadly — and often lethal — viral illness that has been dubbed Covid-19. First, there is the case of the United Kingdom. Prime...

Utilising Covid time for self-reliant India

Sunday, 26 July 2020 | Swapan Dasgupta

Last week, I posted a message on Twitter expressing my satisfaction that veteran BJP leader and the man singularly responsible for putting the Ram Janmabhoomi movement on the political map of India, had been invited to attend the bhoomi pujan of the temple in Ayodhya. The post got a great...

Cong has lost touch with national impulse

Sunday, 19 July 2020 | Swapan Dasgupta

The first time I donated blood was in December 1971, shortly after my final school examinations. Having more than an hour to kill before meeting a friend, I was wandering aimlessly around Chowringhee in Kolkata. It was during the Bangladesh war and although the city was not far from the...

Beijing’s creeping control over world

Sunday, 12 July 2020 | Swapan Dasgupta

Over the past 30 days or so, ever since the skirmish in the Galwan Valley in Ladakh that led to the deaths of 20 Indian soldiers and a greater number of soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army of China, there has been wide ranging public discussions on the threat posed...

Modi paying China in its enigmatic coin

Sunday, 05 July 2020 | Swapan Dasgupta

Beijing’s quick response to Modi’s ‘the age of expansionism is over’ is a clear indication that China has received the message loud and clear. This is why it makes sense to proceed with exceptional care and speak in riddles — just as China has been accustomed to doing Among the...

China’s altruism has egregious designs

Sunday, 28 June 2020 | Swapan Dasgupta

In India's neighbourhood we have witnessed China's determined bid to draw Nepal into its sphere of influence. There has also been an attempt to bring Bangladesh closer to China by dangling hugely attractive trade lollipops. In both cases, the targeting of India is apparent... Maybe the next time we hear...

Modi’s leadership a hurdle in China’s strategic agenda

Sunday, 21 June 2020 | Swapan Dasgupta

The people of India should be alert to this possibility that their internal political differences will be used by China to further its larger strategic agenda. In this climate, countervailing pressure, including the economic and cultural boycott of China, is inescapable — although care must be taken to not alienate...

Time to restart some political activities

Sunday, 14 June 2020 | Swapan Dasgupta

Last week, and after more than two months, I got a chance to have an extended face-to-face natter with an active politician from West Bengal. Yes, I have been in regular touch with all sorts of people involved in politics over WhatsApp, Face Time and Zoom. Thanks to technology, the...

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