Army is the new punching bag

Monday, 30 Sep 2013 | MG Devasahayam | in Oped

Some well-entrenched vested interests are out to destroy the institutional integrity of the Army. Unfortunately, it appears that sections of the UPA Government are in collusion with these elements, The attacks on VK Singh are an indication of that A major controversy has broken out over a leaked report in The...

Decay and death of our heritage sites

Monday, 30 Sep 2013 | Anirban Ganguly | in Oped

Cultural landmarks of the country are languishing for want of proper care and protection. Humayun’s Tomb has been refurbished; others too deserve attention ...

UPA’s unwanted gift to the people

Monday, 30 Sep 2013 | Shivaji Sarkar | in Oped

When citizens are braving a failing economy, the Government has announced another wage hike to its employees. The exercise may be more for scoring political points than for benefitting Government servants Is the Government least concerned about inflation and growing fiscal deficit? That appears to be the message it has sent...

Anatomy of a 21st century Al-Qaeda

Saturday, 28 Sep 2013 | John Balley | in Oped

Last week Somalian terrorists grabbed the centre stage of world attention through a daring strike in neighbouring Kenya’s capital, killing, almost in a repeat of 26/11, nationals of several countries including India. Here is a chilling backdrop to one of the worst post-9/11 terrorist strikes The terrorist siege of Westgate...

Somalia and America, nations linked by destiny?

Saturday, 28 Sep 2013 | Louise Armitage | in Oped

Ever since Hollywood immortalised the slain Americans through Black Hawk Down, this little “failed nation” in Africa has remained affixed to the collective consciousness of the world’s most powerful country. Now, more Americans are joining the jehad in Somalia for inexplicable reasons In 1992, President George H.W. Bush sent US troops...

If only the CBI were the FBI

Friday, 27 Sep 2013 | Arindam Chaudhuri | in Oped

India's premier investigative agency has a small budget while its American counterpart has billions at its disposal. Also, while the CBI is restricted to serving the political class in India, the FBI's tentacles reach every corner of the US The Central Bureau of Investigation is becoming a non-credible and tainted agency....

Let harmony make a point

Friday, 27 Sep 2013 | Sandeep Singh | in Oped

There has been a steady corrosion of secular values in Jammu. Hardliners have gained, writes Sandeep Singh It is 4.30 in the morning; dusk is still some time away. A slow drumming becomes audible in the distance, slowly picking up pace in tempo and volume, till it reaches an enthusiastic crescendo...

Chandrababu Naidu may ride Modi wave

Friday, 27 Sep 2013 | Kalyani Shankar | in Oped

As the original tech-savvy poster-boy of development stares at a third consecutive loss, he may return to the NDA to remain relevant Going by his recent moves, Telugu Desam Party supremo Chandrababu Naidu is desperate to gain relevance at the national and State levels. Remembering his golden period in the...

US-Russia deal on Syria averts war, saves Assad

Friday, 27 Sep 2013 | Gwynne Dyer | in Oped

With Western military intervention ruled out for the near future, jihadists threatening Islamist rule and regime forces gaining the upper hand, Syria’s moderate rebel forces may now be open to a peace agreement with the Ba’athist Government. Damascus is likely to make such an offer soon It was already looking likely...

Abandon the needless pursuit

Thursday, 26 Sep 2013 | Pravin Sawhney | in Oped

An Agni-6 or a new Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile will spur China to more openly support Pakistan with added strategic capabilities against India. The country should put Agni-5 to greater use, which will serve the purpose of yet another missile After the successful second test-firing of 5,000km range Agni-5 on September 15,...


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