Lasting solution to Afghan crisis

Wednesday, 11 Jul 2018 | JK Verma | in Oped

Ghani’s invitation to the Taliban for peace talks is a last-ditch effort to establish peace in war-torn Afghanistan. The need is to strengthen the security forces and intelligence agencies Afghanistan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani took a bold step on February 28 when he offered peaceful negotiations to the Taliban to put...

Is this an age of un-enlightenment?

Wednesday, 11 Jul 2018 | Navneet Anand | in Oped

Burari episode has brought to fore the sad fact that there are many who continue to struggle with inexplicable anxiety and psychological distress The Burari mass suicide is among the goriest incidents that one can recall in recent times. Eleven members of a family — from very old to very young...

Lend voice to Parliament

Wednesday, 11 Jul 2018 | Kalyani Shankar | in Oped

As the Monsoon Session is set to begin, one hopes that history does not repeat itself. Leaders must shun a political slugfest and focus on transacting business The Monsoon Session of Parliament is scheduled to begin from July 18 and will conclude on August 10. Already speculations are rife that this...

‘There has been a dramatic shift to petrol cars’

Wednesday, 11 Jul 2018 | Kushan Mitra | in Automobile

Rahil Ansari, Head of Audi India, was in Greater Noida recently to meet with customers ahead of the Audi Sportscar Experience. He took some time out to have a chat with Kushan Mitra. Excerpts: Are events like the Audi Sportscar Experience a good way to connect with your customers? Indeed, and not...

Afghan minorities need protection

Tuesday, 10 Jul 2018 | Sandhya Jain | in Edit

Through the decades of internal conflict, religious minorities in Afghanistan have fallen through the cracks. International organisations often fail to recognise the plight of Afghan Hindus and Sikhs India’s foreign policy has its task cut out — to ensure the safety of the Hindu-Sikh community within Afghanistan or its safe repatriation...

Greening Delhi

Tuesday, 10 Jul 2018 | Pioneer | in Edit

Finally, following the furore over tree-felling for urban redevelopment, Delhi is to have a wall of 31 lakh trees Perhaps, a sense of crisis is not enough till it becomes a full-blown emergency in our country, leading to drastic decision-making. Finally, following the furore over tree-felling for urban redevelopment, both Central...

Major boost

Tuesday, 10 Jul 2018 | Pioneer | in Edit

Samsung’s expansion in Greater Noida is a big deal for Narendra Modi and a filip to his flagship programme Where are the jobs?” is a constant refrain of the Opposition parties and especially Rahul Gandhi on his infrequent sojourns to India. But the Congress has a point even though they also...

Vaulting to the top

Tuesday, 10 Jul 2018 | Pioneer | in Edit

Yes, she can never do the Produnova. But the feisty Dipa Karmakar overcame much more — fate, career-threatening injuries and an exile — to become the first Indian to win a gold medal in an international gymnastics event. She chose high difficulty levels at age 24, when most gymnasts are...

Make in India for auto sector

Tuesday, 10 Jul 2018 | Sugato Sen | in Oped

The phased manner in which the licence raj was abolished, restrictive rules were curtailed and the economy was liberalised, played a distinct role in making Indian automotive industry a success story In recent times, ‘Make in India’ for the automotive sector has caught the imagination of the world. However, a look...

An interventionist exercise

Tuesday, 10 Jul 2018 | CB Sharma | in Oped

The Higher Education Commission of India (HECI) Bill is poorly conceived. A rethink is needed before putting it up to the Parliament for debate The Government of India plans to bring a Higher Education Commission of India (HECI) Bill repealing the UGC Act, 1956. The Ministry of Human Resource (MHRD)...


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