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Perfect tribute to Indo-Iran ties

Sunday, 05 Jun 2016 | Professor Lokesh Chandra | in Agenda

The facsimile reproduction of Kalila va Dimna, calligraphed by Sultan Muhammad in the Timurid period and preserved at the Raza Library in Rampur, is a homage to the ‘cousin cultures’ of the two countries, writes Professor Lokesh Chandra This facsimile edition of the Kalila va Dimna is a tribute to the...

When two music legends met

Sunday, 01 May 2016 | Pioneer | in Agenda

John Lennon had warned David Bowie against his music manager Tony Defries, who eventually disillusioned Bowie at a poignant phase in his life David Bowie had met John Lennon when they were introduced in Los Angeles, at a party thrown by Elizabeth Taylor. “We went on to a great relationship over...

Dehradun Lit Fest 2016

Sunday, 17 Apr 2016 | Pioneer | in Agenda

For the lovers of books and literary discourses, here is yet another literature festival that is all set to enamour them. The first edition of Dehradun Literature Festival 2016 will be held in the capital town of Uttarakhand. Promoted by Springhead Communications, the two-day event is being organised by World Integrity...

Humour to the rescue

Sunday, 10 Apr 2016 | Ananya Borgohain | in Agenda

Comedian Sanjay Manaktala shares with ANANYA BORGOHAIN the various nuances that go behind being humorous Popular comedian Sanjay Manaktala was born in New York and he grew up in California. Having studied Computer Science, he forayed into the IT sector and subsequently to stand-up comedy. Soon, he moved to Bangalore and...

Vaz you like it!

Sunday, 20 Mar 2016 | Ananya Borgohain | in Agenda

Popular English stand-up comedienne Radhika Vaz talks to ANANYA BORGOHAIN about how she uses humour to undermine gender proprieties for women Leading Indian comedienne Radhika Vaz is not only a stellar performer of English stand-up acts in the country but is also a strong voice that subverts conformist stereotypes and proprieties...

Eye care reduces stress during exams

Sunday, 20 Mar 2016 | Dr Mahipal S Sachdev | in Agenda

Five per cent of school kids complain of strained or tired eyes resulting from endless hours of studying during exam time, writes Dr Mahipal S Sachdev Exam time means a lot of reading, writing and spending endless hours either in the library or while gazing at computer screens to hunt for...

Fighting the winter gloom

Sunday, 14 Feb 2016 | Dr Anup Dhir | in Agenda

Dr Anup Dhir suggests ways to help your skin look and feel better during winters During winters, your skin becomes dry and flaky, it keeps becoming more itchy and irritated as the temperature drops. The most general winter skin grievances I hear from my patients is dry skin or Xerosis cutis....

How Netaji really died

Sunday, 24 Jan 2016 | Pioneer | in Agenda

One of the biggest mysteries of Indian history can now find some closure as www.bosefiles.info has furnished powerful evidences suggesting that Subhas Chandra Bose did die in an air crash in 1945. Ashis Ray, creator of the site, elaborates The website, www.bosefiles.info was launched last month with the object of chronicling...

Homeopathy cures fibroadenoma without surgical intervention

Sunday, 27 Dec 2015 | Dr PANKAJ AGGARWAL | in Agenda

Lumps can be dissolved and recurrence can be curbed by medicines, writes Dr PANKAJ AGGARWAL An urban lifestyle is very demanding. Women are excelling in all fields, be it at home or work. She is in the role of a mother, daughter, and wife at home, while she is a teacher,...

When the giant of Winterfell visited Delhi

Sunday, 06 Dec 2015 | Ananya Borgohain | in Agenda

Kristian Nairn — who plays the much loved, protective giant Hodor on the extremely popular fantasy series Game of Thrones — is currently in Delhi for the annual Comic Con. ANANYA BORGOHAIN explores a different side of this giant, who is also a DJ! At six feet eleven inches, Northern Irish...



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Ranchi girl wins Int’l beauty contest

19 Aug 2018 | PNS | Ranchi

Yet another girl from the Capital City Khushboo Vijay became the winner of Miss India International Global 2018 and will be representing India next year in Malaysia 2019 for World Finale. The event was held in Guwahati on August 2018...

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