Know yourself; shape your nature

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Know yourself; shape your nature

Sunday, 10 March 2019 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo

Know yourself; shape your nature

A well-qualified person approaching 40 is yet not settled in life, be it his career or personal life. His worried parents came asking the other day: “My son is a graduate from a very reputed business school in India. Yet, he has not been able to secure a career position befitting his academic credential. He is handsome and still not married. Is he subject to some curse? If so, what remedial measure you suggest.”

“Better ask your son to look within for the answer rather than running after some imaginary extraneous reason,” I responded. He may then know why he has been left behind in the run of life as he may become aware of his true nature with all its potentials and fault lines. Remember, we become beneficiary or victim of our own doing, the key to which is there in the thought-seeds parked in the inner realms of our mind.  Bear in mind, the character of the type of fruit that a tree bears is rooted in its seed. Similarly, what we become due for in life is seeded in the character and content of the initiatives that we take. We need to be aware of our own indwelling strengths, and then consciously invoke and put them to best use. They won’t come into play involuntarily. How good we make use of our potential will define as to what we may achieve in life. The fault lines, on the contrary, keep playing from the front, and stand in way of our potentials from blooming out in full, and with obvious consequences. Once we become aware of our true nature, we could address our fault lines and hone our potentials.

The paradox, however, is that though our minds are empowered to unearth what lies within, often our ego plays spoil sport as it won’t let us dispassionately identify our fault lines. Here, astrology comes handy. It serves as a very effective diagnostic tool to figure out the personality traits of a person with a fair amount of precision. For, it is premised on the study of energy-map of nature at the time of one’s birth which reflects the Karmic imprints carried over from the past. And energy knows no bias.

Let us now look at the astrological pointers of the concerned person.  Mind-signifying Moon posited in airy sign Libra but parked towards the fifth house speaks of a fertile mind. Moon conjunct Mercury, the planet identified with intelligence speaks of a sharp brain and good communication skills.

Wisdom signifying Jupiter is conjunct the fourth lord Sun identified with academic prospects, and aspects the lagna as well as 9th house. That promised good academic achievements.  When it comes to real life, he has not been able to prove his worth. Why?  Here again, Moon takes the lead as it is ill-disposed off to mischievous Neptune.  That makes him stuck to self-delusionary perceptions, distanced from ground realities, and not keen to look beyond.  Habitually an escapist, he doesn’t acknowledge truth on its first appearance. He remains fixated to his fanciful dream perceptions and carries the hope that some day he may be able to prove his point. He keeps pursuing his line of thinking till pushed to the wall. If that would not be enough, Mercury placed adverse to erratic Rahu speaks of his restive mind, which doesn’t allow him the time and space for due diligence.

On top of that, the Sun, the one signifying man’s identity, is conjunct its planet of nemesis Saturn. It speaks of someone with negative orientation and marked with pessimism, a defeatist tendency, and nagging attitude. It also points to having seeds of fear and insecurity deeply ingrained. Consequently, his confidence level would be low. He lacks the will and resolve to take challenges necessary to prove an achiever.  Caught up be inertia, he has a laidback attitude and may not take initiative in time. So, he will miss opportunities.  The Sun is again ill-disposed off to Venus which makes him emotionally fragile. That makes him touchy and sensitive.  He may get worked up over trivial issues and keep unnecessarily mulling over them beyond their due. In the process, not only he gets too much stressed, but also his priority preferences get compromised.

To sum up, the curse if any is there within. Accordingly, he needs to submit to a process that would correct his thought process. The way forward obviously could be no better than ‘Meditation’ under the guidance of a Guru which may lead him to a better tomorrow.            

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Write to him atG-102, Bharat Nagar, New Friends Colony, New Delhi – 110 025

Tel: 91-11-49848475/9818037273


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