Focus on what you do

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Focus on what you do

Sunday, 21 June 2020 | Ajit Kumar Bishnoi

Focus on what you do

Nothing happens by chance. Our past deeds both good and bad bring good and bad results. We call this destiny, says AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI

A lot of our energy and time is wasted on thinking or even discussing what others are doing or should do. Unless this is someone for whom you are responsible, are we not wasting our time and energy? For example, we are obsessed by this Corona virus. What can we do about it? Nothing except focus on what precautions we can take to prevent ourselves from getting infected. No, that is not so attractive.

Then, what should we ideally do? For that to become clear to us, we must have some basic knowledge of the Cosmic Design. God after creating this universe has put a system in place. He has made rules for its administration, which is essentially “karmaphala” principle. In short, it means: what you sow you reap. God is the owner of this creation. Nothing happens by chance. Our past deeds both good and bad bring good and bad results. We call this destiny.

Another big fact about which we should be aware is that this system does everything. Lord Krishna has spoken about it in The Gita (verse #3.27). The system uses us as mediums in what it has to accomplish. It picks out persons who would fit those roles.

We, souls, are small and will eternally remain so. We should accept this reality. For example, when a newly-wed bride joins a household, the role of mother-in-law is quite important. She is secure in her position; the bride has to make her place. However, the situation turns around as the mother-in-law begins to age and is unable to do many chores, which made her important earlier. The bride is now fully entrenched and dominates. Both the mother-in-law and the bride were small; only what they did made them more important or less important. We, all, are so small that we cannot even control our own minds and senses; we need God’s help in this matter. If we seek God’s help, we can get a better control over our minds and senses, which help in improvement of the quality of our lives.

The same fact holds in the matter of duties. We, small souls, have minor duties to do, though we may feel that we are important. Yes, in the personal context it maybe true, but in the large context our roles are always small and will remain so. This is the Cosmic Design. However, these minor duties must be done, and a wise person gets God involved in this; God guides and helps both in establishing what our duties are and in doing them. A truly wise person does not waste time and energy in getting involved in duties of others. After all we have very limited or no influence in activities of others, no matter how close we maybe. Our focus should be on our own duties, doing them well. We need lots of improvements in our selves. Where is the time and energy for getting involved in the affairs of others. We can be at best be interested observers only.

Therefore, let us do our parts well and if we involve God, we can really excel; we will know what our duties are and can get God’s help in doing them well. With God in the picture, we will gain peace and bliss also — the ultimate prizes. How do we involve God in our lives? There is one simple way, and that is to become “Godmaya”. I am personally trying to be ‘Ramamaya’ by chanting ‘Rama’ as much as is convenient. Lord expects this from us because we must deserve what we seek. Chanting the word “Rama” is an act of the highest order. Do it and reap its enormous benefits.

Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at

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