So, are you in sync?

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So, are you in sync?

Sunday, 02 February 2020 | Ajit Kumar Bishnoi

So, are you in sync?

If we wish to exist well, we must be in sync with the system, that is every thing taken together, including the cosmos, says AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI

Before I answer this question, let us understand what does this word ‘sync’ mean. It is defined as moving or working out at exactly the same time and speed as something else. There is another definition also, which is: working well with something, in our case the creation or the system. We, small souls, are minuscule parts of the creation. If we wish to exist well, we must be in sync with the system, that is everything taken together. For example, all forms of life on earth, including our bodies, respond rhythmically to the movements of sun, moon, etc. When they don’t, we run into problems. Similarly, when we are in sync with the system we are doing very well.

How do we achieve this state? Before I go into its details, let me warn the readers that it is not something which can be done quickly. Rather it is result of years if not decades of spiritual progress. However, once we get started we begin to get fleeting feelings of it because we have identified it. The first requirement is to accept the present reality outside of our bodies. To elaborate this point, we must accept that whatever is happening around us is exactly what should have happened. There is no question of challenging/ rejecting anything because in the ultimate reality nothing happens by chance.

The same type of acceptance is required for whatever is happening inside of us, ie our thoughts, desires, health, etc. Yes, changes can be made but the present is what it is. For example, if we are lusty by nature, don’t find excuses for it but accept this fact. The same is true of our present limitations. For example, if we don’t have a genuine friend, we should acknowledge it. We can try to henceforth strike friendships with those close to us beginning with the closest relatives like spouses, brothers, etc. Ups and downs of life, which happen inevitably in everyone’s life must similarly be accepted with equanimity. Neither one should become puffed up in good times nor too demoralised in bad times. These must be taken in stride. Negativity has to go.

All these requirements may appear too theoretical. They are, because being in sync is getting close to perfection; it is not easy. A very solid bond with God is an absolute necessity. Only then, one will not lose control over the self due to passionate reactions. Only those, who have strong faith in God are able to control their emotions to this extent. Though all this may appear like dream but saints have achieved this divine state and written extensively about it.

To enumerate some of the benefits of this extremely rare experience: One will appreciate the pluses or positives in life; will not take them as routine. One will not lament the minuses or negatives; will accept them with humility. This is the beginning of the synchronisation of our desires with the reality of living; our feet will begin to get well grounded. Mental energy will not be wasted in rejecting the reality; one becomes a cautious observer. There is alignment with the life as it is at this moment; one accepts God’s arrangement. There is efficiency in life; when we are disturbed, we are unable to put our best foot forward.

We will be confident of self and will be looking forward to a bright future and even the next life. Narrow-mindedness will be finished; one will feel aligned with the creation. There will be satisfaction in the way life is going; one will feel secure. Surely, one will be peaceful. There will be nothing to worry or fear. Amazing calmness will descend; one will experience the elusive bliss (ananada). One will feel the presence of the creator, who is ever ready to guide and help. It is yoga, about which Lord Krishna has spoken many times in the Geeta. Are you ready to be in sync?

Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at

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