Astroturf | Guru helps unfold your potential

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Astroturf | Guru helps unfold your potential

Sunday, 18 July 2021 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo

Astroturf | Guru helps unfold your potential

In ancient Indian tradition, we have a date in our annular calendar dedicated to all that we revere. Guru Purnima is one such occasion, and falls on July 23rd this year. On this solemn occasion, the disciples make their offerings to their revered Guru. Guru doesn’t look for any material offering. The disciple is expected to offer his/her ahamkara, as it limits the scope of vision, which doesn’t allow looking beyond one’s hardened self-beliefs, perceptions, and pre-conditionings. The larger picture, thus, missing, one fails to look at issues in right perspective due, which primarily holds the key to all our pains and sufferings in life.

The Guru serves as a torchbearer who leads you rise above your ahamkara as well as all mental and emotional limitations. The very construct of the word ‘Guru’ reveals, why so much of importance has been accorded to him. It is made out of two syllables: ‘Gu’ and ‘Ru’, which respectively mean darkness/ignorance and light. Evidently, the one who leads you beyond ignorance qualifies to become a Guru.

Remember, every human being is born unique, each reflecting varying mind-traits. All of us are thus, born with a preconditioned mind, usually not keen to look beyond for a better option, if any available. The world, thus, becomes a natural breeding ground for conflict of interests. In fact, life is paradoxical, full of contradictions. Nothing in life comes about without meeting obstacles and challenges. Overriding all these, we are supposed to work out ways and means to successfully move ahead with ease and comfort. It needs to be appreciated here that standing on the plane full of problems, it is difficult to find a lead beyond.

Here comes the role of a Guru who leads you beyond your limitations. Guru doesn’t do any miracle. He shows you the way forward, leads you to pursue self-correction process, and let you grow in your own light. He first shows your mirror image. He then instructs you how to overcome your mental and emotional limitations, and help you give a positive turn to mind. Once your mind gets purified, he then makes you aware about the realities of life — eternal as well as living, both included. He gives you exposure to the philosophy of life that may enlighten you with a holistic understanding of the dynamics of life. You then know where and how you fit into the larger game plan of the living world, which is a unified organism, framed into an interdependent mechanism. You, thus, know how to relate to such a complex world with ease and comfort. Your life may then turn into a beautiful experience. A Guru, thus, leads you to progressively evolve so that you come out with your best. It needs to be appreciated here that the one adept in the process could lead you through, on the strength of his/her realisations.

Remember, human potential is immense, which if unfolded in full, would know no limits. The paradox, however, is that an ignorant ordinary mortal has access to just 5 to 7 percent of the landscape of mind. Even this, if we could utilise optimally, we may be able to negotiate with the usual callings of life with relative ease. The irony, however, is that caught up in the wanderings of our mind, we dissipate a major part of our mind space and energy towards unproductive ends. We, thus, are not left with enough to do justice to our priority preferences. When we fail, instead of looking into our own fault lines, we find escape in our destiny.

It is believed that Einstein would have used about 10 percent of his mind power to have created history. See what just a 3 to 5 percent difference could do. Imagine, if you could access the full landscape of mind. Nothing will remain hidden from you. You may be able to explore even subtle realities of life operative at imperceptible level. That is how our Gurus and seers, working in their laboratories of mind could come out with such a profound philosophy. No wonder, they were aware of even the theory of relativity, thousands of years before Einstein, as would a story of king Raivata and his daughter Revati as detailed in Mahabharat suggest.

A real Guru doesn’t suggest you to seek boons from some assumed God. He rather serving as a torchbearer, will let you work upon yourself to unfold your full potential and come out with your best. This is the real call of spirituality.

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Connect with him at

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