Astroturf : Reclaiming power of mind

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Astroturf : Reclaiming power of mind

Sunday, 28 March 2021 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo

Astroturf : Reclaiming power of mind

In contextual meditation, two tools are put to use — an imagery to focus upon, and a mantra specifically dedicated to the symbolic image. The mantra is so designed as to excite vibrations that resonate to the spirit underlying the imagery in focus. Say for instance, if one is to focus attention on Ganapati’s imagery, there are specific mantras dedicated to it. One out of them as advised by the Guru needs to be repeatedly recited, with focus on the imagery. The two tools put to use simultaneously helps becoming one pointed faster. Pursuing the process for a continued stretch of time on a regular basis, one is able to get well tuned and be in harmony with the two. Mind, thus trained as such, wherever one pays attention, remains effortlessly focused. You, thus, would be able to put in your whole into it, which may help you successfully take the task in hand to its logical end.

Both the imagery and the related mantra have to be individual specific, based on what particular aspect of one’s personality traits would be wanting, warranting necessary correction. Remember, we are all born imperfect, each one of us carrying some inherent habit tendencies and weaknesses. We need to address our individual specific infirmities. We, thus, get over the preconditioning of our mind. Following which, we begin looking at the subject matter under consideration with an open mind. Consequently, we shall be able to look at issues in the right perspective due, which helps picking up right leads. Evidently, the probability of success gets improved. In fact, it will be fair to call it a self-empowerment process, which may help us successfully negotiate the callings of life with ease and comfort.

The concept as such is based on sound reasons. Remember, ancient India’s learned masters had very well understood the realities of life in holistic terms. In fact, they were conversant with even subtle realities of life. They understood very well that our personality trends are rooted in the thought seeds parked in the inner realms of mind in energy format. Ostensibly then, for any personality related weakness on our part, there has to be some deficiency in our energy-construct as well. Accordingly, they designed the process in a way that takes care of both the aspects simultaneously, and hence the two tools suggested — imagery in focus and its corresponding mantra. To address our personality related weaknesses, if any in practical terms, they wished to drill in our mind a sense of how to ensure measured conduct. This would be achieved by reflecting upon educative import of the imagery in focus. The echoes generated through repeated recitation of the mantra, helps find connect with corresponding energy-source in nature, and augment its absorption level to meet up any void in our energy construct. Thus, came into place, a composite self-awareness and holistic self-healing programme.

Pursuing the contextual meditation process, first, one first gets established in dharana. The immediate benefit is that you could remain focused to your priority preferences for longer stretch of time. As you graduate further in the process, over a period of time, spontaneously it leads to the state of dhyana. Here after, you don’t have to make any conscious efforts as spontaneity becomes rule of the game. You are then in perfect harmony with the imagery in focus and the mantra. That in turn, progressively leads to a state when the mantra literally drops. In fact, mantra doesn’t get really washed away. You still continue doing your round with the mantra. But the fact that it would be happening spontaneously, it is not in reckoning. Only the form remains in sight. This is what is termed as being in a state of savikar samadhi. As you graduate further, the practitioner’s mind, the imagery in focus and the mantra turn into a seamless awareness, when neither the mantra, nor the image is in sight. We thus, enter into a state of nirvikar samadhi. Your individual mind then becomes synonymous with the cosmic consciousness. The whole landscape of mind then becomes accessible with its immeasurable powers, which would know no limits. Wherever you focus attention, intuitively you strike the underlying truth. Evidently, you are at your best.

To conclude, Swami Vikenand’s quote becomes imperative: “The history of the world is the history of few men who had faith in themselves; Faith calls out the divinity within you, you can do everything. You fail only when you do not strive sufficiently to manifest “infinite power”

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