Astroturf | Come out of guilt trap, reinvent yourself

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Astroturf | Come out of guilt trap, reinvent yourself

Sunday, 08 May 2022 | Bharat Bhushan Padmaeo

Astroturf | Come out of guilt trap,  reinvent yourself

Someone came seeking answer to lot of unresolved questions that has kept her unnerved for long: “Sir, I had love marriage, but it broke off soon. I have been brooding and contemplating where I went wrong, and how I made a bad choice? Would have a traditional marriage proved better? I am not able to figure out and so I am under acute stress. Of late, my health condition has been troubling me. I was overweight. Through intermittent fasting I reduced it, but in the process, my vitality went down. My menstrual cycle became disorderly. I then had Covid. It was followed by Cataract in my eyes at such a young age. If that was not enough, I had water retention in my lungs, and I had to be hospitalised. Why it has been happening with me? Are these reflected indicated in my chart? Please throw light and guide.”

At the outset, let me offer you a piece of advice: Don’t fall into a guilt trap. You can’t be alone responsible for your failed marriage? Both the partners would be accountable one way or other. You can’t clap single handed. Don’t get stuck to your past. That has become a history now. Learn lesson out of it, and prepare yourself in a way that next time you make a reasoned choice. Large number of love marriages have proved a success, and equally great number of traditionally organised marriages fail.  You can’t blame the mode of marriage.  Marital failures happen because of clash of personality traits.

The 5th lord Venus identified with love life is placed in the marriage signifying 7th house. It implies that you were due for love marriage, and so it happened. Mind signifying Moon sandwiched between mischievous Neptune and Rahu, made you stuck to your fanciful dream perception. You passionately pursued it blindfolded, not caring to look beyond for a reality check,  is how you made a wrong choice. Moon happens to be the lord of marriage signifying 7th house also and is afflicted. It is tenanted in a dual sign coinciding with the 12th house, which meant that you were vulnerable to failure of the 1st marriage. Now that you have discharged your Karmic debt carried over from the past, there is no reason to carry any fear about future. You are quite young. You must go for a second marriage. But before that becomes due, and which is not far off, better purify your mind of its limitations. You may then be able to apply proper forethought before making your choice. The probability of success, would then be obviously high.

Now coming to your health issues, lagna sub-lord Jupiter is tenanted in the nakshatra owned by Ketu, which occupies the 6th house identified with ailment. Such a close connection of the lagna and 6th house makes your health profile fragile. You are susceptible to quick infections. The 6th sub-lord Venus is combust. It occupies the nakshatra owned by Ketu in Gemini sign where the 6th cusp falls. This makes you vulnerable to lungs related problems. Combust Venus, read together with afflicted Moon in the 12th house, is indicative of Eyes related problems, hormonal imbalance, irregular menstrual cycle, and worrisome mind susceptible to stress. Also,  it accounts for serious emotional issues. Combust Venus, does also mean that given an adverse situation, your work spirit will go for a toss. You have already encountered the above issues as indicated above.

Having said that, let me inform you that if 6th house indicates ailment, the planets signifying the 5th and 11th houses promise recovery. Rahu and Moon strongly signify the 5th house. Mars signifies the 11th house. So, during the period of these planets, you are assured of recovery. As of now Rahu dasha is running. So rest assured, you will come out of your ailments. But the carryover effect of the health issues in hand will stretch on for another year, by which time, you are expected to be in control of things.

You carry immense potential as would Sun conjunct Jupiter and Mercury conjunct Venus imply. That, however, may play out unhindered, only when you rise above the limitations of mind and emotion. For, the negatives will continue playing spoil sport within your mind, which may not allow you the mind space and energy necessary to process your thoughts objectively. Follow the mind-detoxification process suggested in all sincerity. Memory imprints from the past will go out of reckoning over a period of time, when you may come out with your best.

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