Check your worth before jumping into action

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Check your worth before jumping into action

Sunday, 20 November 2022 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo

Check your worth before jumping into action

Wow do you see the level of my logical reasoning?” Asked someone seeking guidance on whether the choice he has made is befitting him. Well, logic is based on perception based on knowledge, information, and experiences gained in the past. Some of them could be just illusionary and therefore misleading. The dynamics of every emerging moment, however, keep varying, with no scope for having any parallel in the past. Accordingly, the callings of incoming moments would pose fresh challenges or open up new opportunities. Logic may not necessarily offer right answer. “If logic won’t work, how to make the right choice?” He countered. You need to develop awareness and be alert. Awareness will let you look at the issues in hand with an open mind. And if you are alert, you will consciously invoke the faculty of discriminate intelligence for due diligence before taking any call. That will let you dispassionately analyse the issues in hand, without any preconditioning whatsoever. That carries greater probability to strike success.

I know where is your question coming from. Are you in disagreement with your elders in so far as your priorities are concerned? “How could you know?” The fellow asked. “Very simple, the moment you wished to get your sense of logical reasoning assessed, it was clear that your elders are not happy about how you are planning your future course.” I answered. Another question sir: “Is dreaming about aspirational urges wrong? I wish to enter into business after being in service for a while. But my elders are not agreeable, even though I am not seeking any financial support.” Absolutely not. Dreams are necessary for reaching heights one is capable of, as they serve a focus to reach an objective. But then, you need to appreciate that before putting dream perceptions into action it is important to discriminate between ‘what you want’ and ‘what you are worth’. You are missing this point is how there is disagreement.

“Is pursuing business something like a rocket science that warrants so much of pre-assessment?” He asked. Well, you need to appreciate that nothing moves in life to one’s asking. Also, nothing happens without meeting challenges in the way. That makes it incumbent upon us to find out whether we are well geared up to pursue our wishful thinking. “What do you find in my personality traits that make me unsuitable for business.” He asked.

Somebody in business should be hardworking. He should be worldly wise who could adapt himself to the changing circumstances and customer requirements. He should be mentally and emotionally stable, focused and armed with persistence and perseverance. He should understand value for money.

Your personality traits do not fit into the above game plan. You are basically a comfort loving and a lucky person who would have got things easy in life so far, as would Sun well aligned to Moon imply. At the same time, you don’t appear to be keen to take challenges head on and in time. Mind signifying Moon occupies a dual sign Pisces, which is indicative of your vacillating nature and mood swings. Moon ill-disposed off to Saturn is indicative of your negative mindset, habitually suspicious and critical of others. You also carry a nagging attitude. Moon placed adverse to Mercury implies that you lack focus and are indecisive. Moon locked in adverse formation with Uranus accounts for your mercurial temperament, carelessness and unstable mind. Moon forming evil angular alignment with mischievous Neptune, implies that given a difficult situation, you may try to run away. You live in your fanciful dreamworld, distanced from ground realities. You may not acknowledge truth on its first appearance. You may rather continue pursuing your wishful thinking on hope against hope till pushed to the wall.

Now coming to Mercury, identified with general intelligence and common sensical judgement, is tenanted opposite Uranus. That makes you eccentric and opinionated. You may unnecessarily waste your energies towards unproductive ends. Mercury also opposite Neptune accounts for your insensible reasoning and judgment. Venus placed adverse to the Sun makes you emotionally too much touchy and sensitive who may get overexercised even on trivial issues. And you may keep unnecessarily mulling over them for long. Also, you do not understand value for money.

“Does it mean that I have no future at all?” He countered. Your future lies elsewhere. Benevolent Jupiter tenanted in the career signifying 10th house read together with other job indicators is suggestive off taking up a job in the field you are trained. With time you will earn high position.


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