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Govt launches visitors’ card to spread awareness

| | Ranchi
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Govt launches visitors’ card to spread awareness

Sunday, 18 August 2019 | PNS | Ranchi

Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Raghubar Das, Sunil Kumar Barnwal on Saturday launched Visitors’ Card, which will spread awareness about the various schemes and works of the Government to all the people who visit the Chief Minister’s Office.

One half of the card will have space for personal details of the visitor, which he will have to fill before meeting any official or Minister.

The other half of the card will carry details about Government’s schemes and works, he said.

The part of the card carrying details about Government’s works will be given to the visitor while the part carrying the visitor’s details will be sent to the department or official he or she came to meet.

Barnwal launched the visitors’ card in Ranchi on Saturday and asked officials from all the 24 districts to implement the initiative in their respective districts.

The District Administration in Deoghar had taken a similar initiative during the month-long Shravani Mela.

The annual fair ideally sees a footfall of several thousand devotees every year. Similar visitors’ cards were distributed among the visitors, many of who came from other parts  of the country and even abroad.

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