The art of job-hunting

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The art of job-hunting

Sunday, 26 June 2022 | Deepak Kumar Jha

The art of job-hunting

Title: Job Search Secrets –  Master the art of getting the job

Authors: Subir Verma and Sagarika Sahu Verma

Publisher: Penguin India

“Job Search Secrets – Master the art of getting the job” co-authored by  Subir Verma and Sagarika Sahu Verma has come  at the right time as the issue of  unemployment has begun to make headlines in the country.   Subir works as Chief Human Resource at Tata Power DDL, and  Sagarika Sahu Verma is a CEO of an edutech company.

T his book is an effort to bring all aspects of job search to one place with various supporting tools to provide complete theory and practice to master the art of searching for a job. Free tools shared in the book can give results in the shortest possible time.

Starting from how to choose the right career, the book covers how to find a hidden job, how to find people who can help in finding job and build long-time relationships with them, what to do to crack campus, virtual and other interviews, salary negotiation, and using social media for the job hunt. 

Each chapter has practical tips with examples of real students and job aspirants for each one to relate to and use. For each of the areas, free tools exercise has been recommended which anyone can use without any cost seating at home. There is a general perception that you need to relocate to bigger cities to get a job. What about those who cannot relocate themselves? The book has the answer to many such issues faced by candidates and offers solutions.

“ Use of social media and job portal to find a job and also use them in such way that one can easily get a job of his/her choice has been lucidly explained in the book,” says Dr Sagarika.

“Not only what one needs to do, but how to do it, sample script, how to practice and implement are what has been shared in details in very simple and easy to understand language”, adds  Dr Sagarika.

Job seekers have qualifications, skill but they are not to effectively use them during their job search and interview, she said.

The book talks about the problem of largescale unemployment. India has over five crores of educated unemployed youth. Every year more than 50 lacs of educated youth gets added into the list. Educated youth is frustrated, dejected, and is losing hope. Even professionally qualified youth who have engineering, management, and graduate degrees are not getting job. The situation is so grim that highly educated people are taking up odd jobs.

On the other hand, companies always complain that they are not getting the “right talent”. They have vacancies but are not able to hire. When there are crores of educated youth are available, why companies are not able to hire them? Where is the gap? Companies have the resources to hire talent. But crores of youth need help to find employment. The biggest gap is that job seekers search jobs based on what they need rather than what companies want.

 “I feel sad when I read in the newspaper that for one vacancy for the post of peon, thousands of people, including highly educated with MBA and Ph.D. degrees as well as engineers, apply. We thought to find a way to help such youth to make them know how they can find a job. This book is an effort to help these educated unemployed youth”, Subir told the Pioneer..

Not all jobs are advertised. In fact, more than 50% of jobs are not advertised by companies and they recruit through other channels. Now, students or job seekers are missing half of the available job if they do not know how to reach them.

The book has received excellent responses from not only students, job seekers, and working professionals but also industry senior professionals.

The Reviewer is Special Correspondent of The Pioneer

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