How to increase your YouTube channel Subscribers and views?

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How to increase your YouTube channel Subscribers and views?

Monday, 01 April 2019 | Agencies

How to increase your YouTube channel Subscribers and views?

YouTube is the biggest and most preferred platform for posting video content, video blogging, and content marketing. Whilst being a free platform, it is loved by everyone! If you have a YouTube channel, you must constantly be looking to increase your fan base of subscribers and maximise the views of all each video that you post. Increasing your subscriber base is important to rise up in the ever-growing community with a billion unique eyeballs every month.

  1. Reinforce - Add a Subscribe button on all of your videos by using the Branding Watermark feature in YouTube. This will give all of your viewers an easier option to subscribe to your channel while they are enjoying watching your videos
  2. Stick to the plan – when you post new videos on your channel, make sure that you follow the overall schema of your channel. Your content should follow a certain theme that is suggestive of your channel’s name. This way, new viewers who like the content you have posted are likely to subscribe your channel in anticipation of getting notified when you have posted a subsequent video. The idea is to build a legacy through your content – create your own theme and stick to it
  3. Produce Great Quality Content – It is third in the list but an obvious suggestion. You must thrive for creating your videos with the best possible cameras and lighting. But that’s not just it, your videos must be well directed; the scripts should be well written; and be precise with the calls to action you expect from your viewers (click on the link; follow and subscribe; etc.)
  4. Create a lasting impression – You must always create each video that has the potential of being remembered, revisited, and shared by the viewers. The more people talk about you, the higher are your chances of getting new followers. Try creating such content that can be characterized as evergreen, something that remains relevant at all times!
  5. Upload Regularly – You must maintain a decent uploading frequency and increase it to be able to retain your fan base and make them coming back for more. The reason is simple, there are millions of channels on YouTube and yours isn’t the only one being followed by your subscribers. If you don’t provide your subscribers with regular videos, they are likely to start forgetting about you and slowly slip away. The number one rule of fan retention is to keep giving them what they love about you – and in this case – great videos on YouTube
  6. Create the Curiosity – This is one of the most followed tactics by modern-day YouTube channel owners. Choose your titles interestingly, in a way that it creates a sense of curiosity from the title itself. It is one of the best ways to make sure people end up viewing your videos. Use keywords that are relevant to the theme of your channel, do a bit of research on Google Adwords to check for what people are searching on the internet          and include these words in your titles. Do not make your titles lengthy but keep them descriptive – skip the words like ‘watch this’ or ‘video’ because they will consume up space from your character limit
  7. The Thumbnails Speak for your Videos – The first impression your videos make on viewers are through the thumbnails you choose. Create customised thumbnails by making use of annotations and catchy images for your YouTube videos. This will not only increase the click through rate for your videos, it will also tell browsers what your video is about
  8. Teasers – Create a teaser for your channel so you can use it to brand your channel among the audience of your interest. YouTube has this amazing feature that allows you to automatically play a dedicated video when a channel page is opened, use it to your benefit

There are many online tools and web apps to help you monitor and manage your YouTube channels’ performance. You can get real-time access to the number of subscribers which your YouTube channel has using independent websites that provide an accurate number of subscribers at any given point in time. Use these tools to manage your page and get insights on what is working and what is not!

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