Navneet Anand

North-East: The new engine for growth

Friday, 17 Aug 2018 | Navneet Anand | in Oped

The BJP-led NDA’s march into the North-East has seen the region leverage its untapped potential to emerge as one of the fastest growing markets Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s emphasis on the North-East during his Independence Day address from the ramparts of the Red Fort could hardly be missed. Proudly, he spoke...

Wage war on corrupt NGOs

Friday, 10 Aug 2018 | Navneet Anand | in Oped

The idea behind NGOs has lost sheen over the years; most have become synonymous with corruption. There is a need to restore their credibility Brajesh Thakur and Girija Tripathi are rapacious vultures. Disgraced managers of two shelter homes for girls in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur and Uttar Pradesh’s Deoria respectively, they represent a...

Staring at a future without water

Friday, 03 Aug 2018 | Navneet Anand | in Oped

Isn’t it bizarre that in the same country where cities are inundated during the monsoon, there is a danger of massive water scarcity? For at least 20 years now, every year since 1997, this writer has been witnessing one compelling visual during the monsoon — a near-drowned bus or a car...

A good deal for mothers

Friday, 27 Jul 2018 | Navneet Anand | in Oped

A decline in maternal mortality rate was possible due to the effective implementation of PMSMA. But this should not be the end of the story At a time when mainstream attention largely rests on the trivial to the tantalising, it will be heartening to explore some stories of goodness and success...

Myths and realities around inequality

Friday, 20 Jul 2018 | Navneet Anand | in Oped

Slowly but steadily India is winning the battle against extreme poverty. Theories and data arguing otherwise seem biased Traveling is often fun, thanks to the training one received, as a journalist and a research scholar at New Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University, most often, professional trips turn into an exercise in real-life...

Is this an age of un-enlightenment?

Wednesday, 11 Jul 2018 | Navneet Anand | in Oped

Burari episode has brought to fore the sad fact that there are many who continue to struggle with inexplicable anxiety and psychological distress The Burari mass suicide is among the goriest incidents that one can recall in recent times. Eleven members of a family — from very old to very young...

Striking at the root of fake news

Wednesday, 04 Jul 2018 | Navneet Anand | in Oped

The ability of social media to fuel rumours has made it a clear and present danger. The spate of lynching incidents call for immediate action In March 2014, students and teachers of Ukraine’s Kyiv-Mohyla School of Journalism along with KMA Digital Future of Journalism project came together with a unique initiative:...

Chetan Bhagat's three mistakes

Wednesday, 27 Jun 2018 | Navneet Anand | in Oped

Indian politics is too complex to be deciphered through simplistic, back-of-the-envelope calculations. All of us will have to wait, watch and not blink till May 2019 The predominant political narrative these days goes like this: “Narendra Modi's popularity is dwindling, as per surveys and travel explorations of experts. Opposition parties are...

Democratisation of information

Wednesday, 20 Jun 2018 | Navneet Anand | in Oped

Governments across the world are embracing digital and social media technologies and using these for effective citizen outreach and redressal of grievances Not too long ago a compelling photo of Karur District Collector T Anbazhagan having food with a poor woman Raakammal, earned him widespread praise for his kind act. On...

Missing the right angle

Wednesday, 13 Jun 2018 | Navneet Anand | in Oped

There is proof that things on the ground are changing and the results of Modi’s policies are bearing fruit. It’s time for the Congress to review its strategy of shoot-and-scoot One of the favourite pastimes of the Congress, from block level worker to party President, is to criticise Prime Minister Narendra...


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