All politics boils down to the food security Bill

Friday, 06 Sep 2013 | Kalyani Shankar | in Oped

With the economy on a downslide, the UPA couldn't have chosen a worse time to launch its pet welfare schemes Will the Congress’s strategy to woo the electorate with populist welfare schemes work in the 2014 election? Will there be a UPA3? It is indeed an uphill task for the UPA2...

India cannot operate in parallel universes

Friday, 06 Sep 2013 | Vinayshil Gautam | in Oped

The current economic crisis is the result of many factors including populist Government policies and wars abroad. But one of the most important yet overlooked causes is the existence of a large unregulated economy that is beyond the purview of the state’s fiscal and monetary policies Sigmund Freud is credited with...

Beguiled we are not, by these mai-baaps

Thursday, 05 Sep 2013 | Gautam Mukherjee | in Edit

This is not the Doordarshan era. But, lusting to be re-elected, the Government has unleashed a barrage of misinformation, which has come out like a police state's bulletin on the health and morals of the dictator “Objective journalism is a contradiction in terms.” —Hunter S Thompson Beguiling the nation, which seems to be...

PM’s strange strategy

Thursday, 05 Sep 2013 | Pioneer | in Edit

Humiliate in the House, mollify at home It is not surprising that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should have failed in his efforts to win over senior leaders of the BJP in his bid to seek their cooperation for the smooth functioning of Parliament. The Prime Minister had invited Mr LK Advani,...

New Delhi in a fix on Syria

Thursday, 05 Sep 2013 | Pioneer | in Edit

Oil and political diplomacy explains the caution India’s equidistant position on the crisis in Syria and concern over a military strike on the country by the US-led West, are understandable. At a time when the country is battling a major rupee crisis which threatens to blow our fuel import bill to...

Reckless or feckless in Syria

Thursday, 05 Sep 2013 | Mayuri Mukherjee | in Oped

The US is determined to punish the Assad regime for using chemical weapons and violating ‘red lines’ through a military intervention. Inadvisable as this may be, even a narrow targeted attack might be effective if well-planned. However, this does not seem to be the case The debate on foreign military intervention...

Results alone don’t measure success

Thursday, 05 Sep 2013 | Meeta W Sengupta | in Oped

To bring about improvements in school education, we need to first know the goals and targets that need to be addressed. That’s yet to happen We do bemoan the state of education in India, and of course a lot needs to be done to bring millions to literacy and numeracy. A...

Marine life is not for destroying

Thursday, 05 Sep 2013 | Kota Sriraj | in Oped

It’s debatable whether the Indian ship that the Iranian authorities have impounded was indeed polluting their waters. But the incident does bring into focus the need to contain pollution The detention of an Indian vessel, MT Desh Shanti, by Iranian authorities in August over charges of polluting its waters, has...

Think now | HG Wells , English writer

Thursday, 05 Sep 2013 | Pioneer | in Thoughts

We should welcome change and challenges, because they are what help us grow. We need to constantly be challenging ourselves to strengthen our character and increase our intelligence. What matters is what you do with what you have. The true measure of success is the ratio between what we might've...

Delinking talks with terror leads nowhere

Wednesday, 04 Sep 2013 | Ashok K Mehta | in Edit

The recent flare-up along the LoC shows that Pakistan still considers India to be its foremost enemy. In this regard, New Delhi's efforts to insulate Islamabad from the ‘deep state’ are futile The ceasefire on the Line of Control which has generally been observed since November 2003 was seriously breached last...


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