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India’s bored, portents are ominous

Friday, 12 Jan 2018 | Amit Goel | in Oped

Culture, condoms, misogyny... We are sailing dangerously on an authoritarian swell that may end up singeing us all and provoke a youth revolt a la’ France 40 years ago No re-plastering, the structure is broken’, is a slogan from the May 1968 revolt in France that echoes the sentiments of today’s...

Can farm produce be distributed like ITC cigarettes?

Thursday, 08 Jun 2017 | Amit Goel | in Business

The killings during the protest in Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh have once again brought the plight of farmers to the fore. Off and on, farmers' deaths have been making headlines for a short time before slowly fading into the deeper layers of people's memory. Each time, the news highlight...


Thursday, 02 Feb 2017 | Amit Goel | in Today's Newspaper

With a vision to create a cleaner and bigger economy, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented the fourth Budget on Wednesday and announced series of measures to provide relief to the sectors affected by demonetisation. This was intended to help eliminate black money and introduce clean transactions while providing enough...


Wednesday, 01 Feb 2017 | Amit Goel | in Today's Newspaper

Cautioning the Government about the possible fallout of “historic and unprecedented” note ban move, the Economic survey on Tuesday termed demonetisation as ‘stick’ which needs to be complemented with ‘carrots’ if India has to grow at 8-10 per cent in the long term. The Government is expected to have a...

Where the head is held low...

Tuesday, 10 Jan 2017 | Amit Goel | in Oped

The mindset to exploit and abuse women stems from the very core of regressive ways in which males are raised in our society. Brought up with a firm belief that men are superior to women, such men take it upon themselves to dictate terms to women The recent case of molestation...

Reforms that impact positively

Tuesday, 13 Dec 2016 | Amit Goel | in Oped

Earlier changes, whether they had to do with the nationalisation of private banks on a large scale or the 1991 revamp of the economic system, did not cause any direct inconvenience to the people. Demonetisation has. Now, its benefits too must reach the people soon George Bernard Shaw was precise and...

BSP’s major thrust to win over Muslim votes

Friday, 02 Dec 2016 | Amit Goel | in Oped

The BSP in Uttar Pradesh has embarked on an image-building drive to attract the Muslims and consolidate Dalit votes The Bahujan Samaj Party in Uttar Pradesh has embarked on a stupendous task of honing its strategic skills in order to garner Muslim votes in the State. The party is not hesitant to...

Setting one’s house in order

Friday, 22 May 2015 | Amit Goel | in Oped

China’s restrictive trade policies are often blamed for the ever-widening Sino-Indian trade deficit. But India cannot ignore that its convoluted laws and semi-skilled labour hurt the competitiveness of its manufacturing sector Often the potential of a lateral relationship between India and China is lost in rhetoric, and consequently, a meaningful discussion...


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